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Lion Order Program: Routes FAQUpdated a month ago

Lion Order: The Three Routes FAQ:
If/when you are accepted into The Lion Order Program via a verbal interview from our management team, you will be instructed to choose one of three available Routes to take.

Route #1: Solo Mission: Gift ($70/month):
STANDARD Option that gets you the basics you need to excel on our team (includes 1 Gift/PR Package)

Route #1.5: Solo Mission: Card ($100/month):
STANDARD Option that gets you the basics you need to excel on our team (includes 1 $100 gift card with 30 day expiry)

Route #2: Lion Order Journey Roadmap ($115/month):
CURRENT BEST-VALUE OPTION: Everything featured in Solo Mission plus: structured 1-on-1 coaching and a tailored plan to maximize your growth in mind, body, and spirit- both within and beyond The Lion Order (includes 1 Gift  + 1 Coaching Call)

COMING SOON: Route #3: Ultimate Lion Order Journey Roadmap ($150/month): 1 Gift + 1 Coaching Call + Super Supp
Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of The Lion Order experience – launching by the end of 2024 alongside the introduction of our Super Supplement (includes 1 Gift  + 1 Coaching Call + 1 Super Supp)

Feel free to watch this video to choose the best option for you. Regardless of which Route you choose, you'll be receiving an exclusive Lion Order Gift each month (see Streignth Gift Card FAQ below on how to use).

  • "Can I change Routes after joining initially?" -> Absolutely. You may upgrade from Route #1: Solo Mission to Route #2 Lion Order Journey Roadmap at anytime simply by contacting our support team. As for downgrading from Route #2 Lion Order Journey Roadmap to Route #1: Solo Mission, we can help you with this after your initial 120 Days once you've received the full benefits and transformation experience.
  • "What happens if I want to upgrade to Route #2?"  -> If you choose to upgrade/downgrade, our support team will smoothly handle the backend product switch. You won't need to take any action – we'll seamlessly assign you a coach and notify you once the change takes place! So, if you're moving from Route #1 to Route #2, you'll still receive the Lion Order Gift and order confirmation via email, now with an extra $45 charge covering 1-on-1 coaching and the tailored plan to help you grow your mind, body, and spirit to the max.
  • "For Route 1.5, why does the Gift Card expire after 30 Days?"  -> "The monthly access Gift Card expires after 30 days, promoting consistent product usage. However, if you forget to use it, simply reach out to us within a reasonable timeframe (within 10 days), and we'll extend the expiration date so you can grab some fresh merch/supps!

Lion Order Gift FAQ:

  • "How do I access my Lion Order Gift?" -> Previously, we provided a gift card with a 16-digit code for redemption on our website. We've streamlined this process by introducing a plan for the first 12 months of exclusive merchandise, automatically shipped to you after purchasing the Lion Order Gift during onboarding. This enhancement simplifies the process, saving you time and the hassle of manually selecting a product each month.
  • "Do I have to buy new products each month?" -> All you're required to do is be SUBSCRIBED to the Lion Order Gift while you're an active Streignth Athlete, and we'll handle the rest! This helps ensure you can effectively use the products you're promoting and representing.
  • "Can I select the products I receive monthly?" -> The concise response: partially. We've eliminated the need for ordering gift cards because Streignth embodies a lifestyle beyond mere product usage. Our aim is to adorn our Streignth Athletes and ensure they delve into the full spectrum of our brand offerings- carefully crafting 12 unique products you can look forward to getting your hands on throughout your first year a part of Team Streignth. Experimenting with various products not only enhances confidence but also fortifies your ability to represent Streignth with maximum success.
  • "After my Interview, how long do I have to sign up?" Following a successful interview, you will receive a Beacons link to select your Lion Order Route. We require all successful interviewees to make their selection on call to ensure the onboarding information remains relevant. Failure to choose your route within this timeframe may result in the closure of your ambassador inquiry.
  • "What happens if I have a failed payment?" In the event of a failed payment due to insufficient funds or a new credit card, please notify our Support Staff and update your affiliate portal as soon as possible to avoid interruptions in your Gifts/Cards delivery. This helps honor and respect the Streignth Athletes' commitment to remaining active and meeting all payment deadlines. If a payment issue persists for over 30 days without notifying us to use your one skip allowed every 6 months, we will close your account.
  • "Can I skip a payment?" After your first 3-4 consecutive months (depending on Route you chose), f you run into financial problems, please reach out to us and we'll be understanding and can simply SKIP A PAYMENT. After the initial 3-4 months (depending on route you chose), subscribers can skip one payment every six months if they choose. 
  • "How do I unsubscribe/cancel?" After your first 3-4 consecutive months (depending on Route you chose), you may cancel your subscription at any time with us by contacting our support team ([email protected]).  Upon contacting us, you'll be guided to arrange a brief 10-minute Exit Interview with our Relations Manager. Your subscription will be canceled only after this interview has been attended.
  • "Why is a monthly subscription required?" It is the sole requirement for those who are accepted to join The Lion Order as it helps us cover overhead fees (Sales Portal Lion Order Back Office, Team Events, TRIBES, Coaches, etc.) and helps our brand continue to reign to new heights. We'd offer this entire program for free if we could, but this allows us to ensure when we put our time, energy, and resources into you (a Lion Order Member), you're consistently able to get products and represent us to the fullest. 
  • "When do the gifts deliver?"- you will receive a NEW EMAIL (order confirmation) and NEW PRODUCT each month on the same day you initially signed up. Example- you sign up April 25th for the first time...your next gift will be shipped out May 25th. 
  • IF YOU ORDERED VIA APPLE PAY:  Order confirmations will be sent to your iCloud email. If you need this changed, please contact the person who interviewed you . 
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