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How Do Restocks/Limited-Edition Launches Work?

One of our favorite parts of running Streignth is having limited edition launches. For 2024, our plan is to have a new Reign Drop (launch) every 1-2 months involving brand new pump covers, shorts, joggers, hoodies, hats, leggings, and much more. All

Product Care Instructions

Product Care Instructions All Streignth products are created for maximum comfort and functionality- designed to make you look good and feel good every time you wear an item from us. Here's our recommendations on how to get the most use out of our pr

Streignth Ambassador/Athlete Program

HOW DO I BECOME A STREIGNTH ATHLETE? We are ALWAYS looking to collaborate with more people who want to make a difference. Those who embody our mission statement and mentality- striving to become the greatest version of themselves on a daily basis and

Contact Us

HOW CAN I CONTACT YOU? With our Help Center, we hope one of these articles are able to help solve any questions/concerns, but if you want to say hey and/or need some extra help, please either click on the chat icon found at the bottom right of this

How to Track Your Order

DO YOU HAVE A STREIGNTH ACCOUNT? Let's go! All you have to do is log into your account through our online store, and look for the "FULFILLMENT STATUS" of your recent order. If the order says it has been fulfilled, please click onto the "ORDER INFORM

Customs & Import Fees

CUSTOMS DUTY EXPLAINED  While Streignth being international now is very exciting,  part of this means we all have to deal with custom duties from time to time. The "goods" (like the Streignth products you buy) cannot simply be shipped freely from on